Sunday, February 10, 2013

Mary Kay Products I Still Recommend :)

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A couple of years ago, I was introduced to Mary Kay cosmetics through a beauty consultation; and at that moment, Mary Kay changed my whole skin care routine FOREVER! Shortly after that time, I tried my hand at selling Mary Kay myself as a beauty consultant. I have since then hung up my beauty consultant jacket (I'm just not a salesperson), but there are still many products that I highly recommend as a still valuable customer to the product line. 

Satin Hands Hand Pampering Set:
This 3 product set comes with a hand softening cream (step 1), hand smoothie scrub (step 2), and the satin hands hand cream (step 3). I LOVE this set so much because I have EXTREMELY dry hands in the wintertime. This set softens, exfoliates and locks in moisture through a couple of hand washings (Yes!! this is true, however I don't think it holds moisture for 24 hours, especially during the wintertime). This product can be used on a daily basis, which I absolutely love because of the severity of the dryness in the wintertime. These wonderful products can be used on any rough areas of the skin, including elbows, feet, etc, which makes for more bang for your buck! This set comes in "peach flavor" as well as unscented (Hand softener is always unscented, but the smoothie hand scrub and the hand cream can come in peach flavor). The only con to these products is that it is a little pricey (around $35-$36 range), however I have had my set now for over a year and I may be half way through it (because I use it mainly in the wintertime). So a little goes a long way, it this is a product I don't mind investing in to combat the extreme drying effects of the winter months.

Satin Lips Set: 
This 2 piece set comes with a lip exfoliant and a lip balm in an unscented flavor. Step one is applying the lip exfoliant all over your lips, rubbing it in, watching the dead skin instantly come off of your lips, and then washing it off with a washcloth or towel. This step I think is the coolest, because you instantly can see how well it works to lift the dead skin cells off of your lips to make way for new skin to grow and be nourished. Skin on your lips will not begin to heal until the dead skin is removed from the top layer; think of it as a barrier preventing the good skin from coming to the surface. When you apply lip balm constantly over chapped lips, you are only treating the top layer of dead skin, rather than the new healthy skin that grows below. After you have completed the first step, then step 2 is the lip balm which has a shiny, soothing finish to it. I often times will use this set right before I go to bed, and my lips are still soft and moisturized come morning. Again, my only draw back with this product is that it is pricey ($18 for the set), but it is totally worth it and more! I again have had these products for awhile, and I am not going to run out of either of them anytime soon.

Oil Free Eye Makeup Remover:
This is by far probably one of my FAVORITE products that Mary Kay makes. Before Mary Kay, I was using drugstore removers, and, I hate to admit, baby oil (yuck)! This product works wonders for removing eye make up from my face, while also not irritating or making my face break out more. This is even powerful enough even to remove stubborn waterproof mascara. I have since strictly gone over to using only this product to remove my makeup and will probably continue to use this product in the future. This product retails for $15, which is pretty comparable with other high end makeup remover brands

Ultimate Mascara in Black:
This is still one of my favorite mascara's to use on a daily basis. It gives me very good length and volume in one tube, and still goes on nicely even after two coats. I have since started exploring other mascaras, but this is still a go to one that I would recommend to anyone. I use the black formula, but it also comes in black-brown. The ultimate mascara is the best mascara that Mary Kay makes in the line. The others just don't compare in the amount of volume that I get with the ultimate. This mascara retails for $15 which is comparable with high end brand mascaras.

Facial Highlighting Pen in Shade 1:
I LOVE THIS PRODUCT!!!! This is my beauty secret in how a cover up my dark under eyes so well. I also use this a highlighter on my cheek bones to really brighten up my face and my blush. It applies with a paint brush like tip where you crank the end to get the formula to come out. I haven't really explored many other products that are similar to this because I love it so much! In the formula, there are special light-reflecting pigments that opitcally "lift" the shadowy areas of the face. This product retails for $18, and I would happily pay every penny for it because I don't know how I would live without it :)

Mineral Powder Foundation:
I haven't found any mineral powders I love as much as Mary Kay's mineral powder foundation. I also haven't found any that match my skin tone as well as their formula does either. The Foundation that you use with it is so soft and applies the foundation so evenly on my face. I use my mineral powder to set all of my make up after I apply everything. I use the Ivory 1 shade in the wintertime and the Ivory 2 in the summer to give me the extra kick of color. The powder retails for $18 and the brush for $10. I'm not sure how that compares with other brands, because I have only ever tried one other brand (BareMinerals) and someone gave it to me. 

Tinted Moisturizer with SPF 20:
This is my go to foundation in the summertime on a daily basis. I can also combine this with a illuminator to really give my skim a luminous look. This formula also is a great match for my skin tone, and I love that it has SPF in it because of how sensitive my skin is to sunlight. I unfortunately cannot use a darker formula in the summertime because it makes my skin look orangey. I am strictly only able to use ivory 1 aka pasty formula all year long. This formula is also oil free which doesn't contribute to me breaking out anymore than usual. This product retails for $18. 

These are just some of my favorite products from Mary Kay. I'm sure others who have used these products and many others from this brand can attest to the high quality of it. There are many things from this line that I have moved on from, and have found better options, however, these products I love, use on a daily basis, and probably wouldn't be able to live without <3

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