Sunday, March 24, 2013

A bit of online shopping... My Hautelook BH Cosmetics Buy!

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First, I have some exciting news to share with you guys! I was awarded blog of the week on the website The Model Stage Blog for my post about my Too-Faced La Creme Lipstick in Honeybear! I would love it if you guys would check out the site, this is the first time I have won anything for my blog ;)

It's been a little bit since I have made a blog post but I wanted to talk to you guys about a recent purchase I made from (FYI, pretty much favorite site right now). I purchased an eye shadow and a blush palette from the BH Cosmetics beauty sale. Hautelook is an awesome site to check out for daily sales on high end cosmetics, beauty care items, and AWESOME clothing from designers. I was in love with the eyeshadow and blush palette when I first saw them, and they were on such a great sale, I just couldn't pass them up :)

The great thing about this brand is that they have an awesome variety of colors and palettes that would suite any type of woman, depending on your personality and the makeup looks you're trying to achieve. I decided to go with a more neutral color eye shadow/blush palette, the Jenni Rivera 36 color palette, that gives me a great range or warm and cool neutral colors with a couple pops of color interspersed throughout the palette. This palette was created by the BH Cosmetics and Latin Singing Sensation Jenni Rivera, who unfortunately passed away this past December :(  From personal experience of using the palette, and swatching out the colors (see photos below), some of the eyeshadows have great pigmentation and some of them don't. The same statement goes for the blushes as well, and there were only a couple of them I was interested in with this palette. I would rate this palette at a 6/10, mainly because of the lack of pigmentation in some of the colors. But I still think that this palette has a great range of colors that I would use on a daily basis plus it fits my lifestyle and personality. I'm not into a bunch of bright, crazy colors so this palette was perfect for me.

So on top of the eyeshadow palette, I was super in love with the BH Duo Blush Palette that has 3 duo/6 different cheek colors. Contrary to the eyeshadow palette, all of these colors have a lot of pigmentation! It surprised me the first time I applied it because it went on extremely pigmented and was way too much for a day look! I think it is a matter of making sure there is the right amount of product on the brush before I apply to my face. I was the most excited for the middle and the right duo colors for my skin tone, being that the one on the left side is way too dark for my skin tone. Overall I would rate the blush palette a 7/10. It has great pigmentation and a decent range of colors for my skin tone.

Pigmentation doesn't show up well in the picture,
but trust me, it's SUPER pigmented on the face!

This brand has many great attributes! It is very reasonably priced for professional quality makeup, has a very clean and professional look to it's packaging, a great range of color selections with many different palettes to suite skin tone and personality types, and their products have pretty good pigmentation. The only negatives I would say that some of the shadows aren't very pigmented, and the palettes are a little bulky and hard to travel with on a daily basis. I was glad I purchased both of these just to get more variety of colors in my every day look, and yet still keeping true to my personality <3

*Please leave me comments if you have tried out this product. I would love to hear how this line of products have worked out for you ;)

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  1. Love this post... I have quite a few bh palettes and yes your right some shadows are more pigmented then others depending on the shades... Also depends on your primers and bases... I played alot with my palettes to see what i can do with it.. Also i been dying to get the this duo blush palette as well as there other blush palette