Wednesday, March 13, 2013

My Too-Faced "Honey Bear" La Creme Lipstick Review

Hey Everyone!!!
So I got my Too-Faced La Creme lipstick in "Honey Bear" in the mail last night from Beautylish. They sent me a very nice and convenient $10 coupon to use in their store, and there was only thing I wanted, this amazing lipstick (which also happened to conveniently come with the Two-Faced Lip Insurance as a gift). I am so absolutely in LOVE with this lipstick!!! I was inspired to try this lipstick  from watching +Jen Frmheadtotoe video tutorials (and I highly recommend you guys check her out too), and she absolutely didn't steer me wrong. Check out why I have a new love obsession with "Honey Bear"

First... Let's start with Too-Faced Lip Insurance
This formula comes with an applicator to apply to the lips, which threw me off at first. I was expecting it to look like lipstick but a be a clear formula instead of a color one. It goes on very smooth, and definitely works its magic!!! I applied this before the lip color, and my lip color has held up through eating, and general everyday wear that happens to your lipstick. The color still looks as fresh and as shiny as when I first applied it to my lips. I think that this product is definitely something I will be continuing to buy in the future, and is definitely something I will be entrusting to my maid of honor the day of my wedding for extended wear of my lip color ;)  

Now lets move on to the best part!
The Two-Faced La Creme Lipstick in "Honey Bear" is out of this world awesome!!! Like I said before, I was inspired to try this lipstick from another blogger, and I even tried it on at Ulta one day just to see if I would like it with my skin tone. This product does not disappoint! It is an ultra creamy formula that is still moisturizing hours after I apply it. It is a neutral color with a bit of a rosy pink undertone to it. It comes in a very chic gold tube with the brand initials and name embossed on the side and the top of the cap. And OMG it comes in the most adorable packaging; Very whimsical with a touch of vintage elegance. I highly recommend this lipstick to all neutral color lovers out there, and due to my awesome experience with this shade of Too-Faced La Creme, I will definitely be looking into more shades as my go to high-end lipstick (well high end for me anyways, lol). 
Check out the photos below of how it looks on my lips ;)

Also check out the awesome packaging close ups :)

Do you guys like my NOTD? :)

*Hope you guys enjoyed this review! I highly recommend this product, and it has probably become my new favorite lipstick of all time (well at least at the moment). Please leave me comments below if you have tried these products out and have also loved them, and the other colors you recommend me trying from the Two-Faced line ;) You can also check me out on Facebook, Twitter (be sure to come follow and check out my twitter revamp that reflects my blog now), YouTube, Instagram (myfairdaily) and Pinterest! Please become a follower of myfairdaily if you liked this post and you want to read many more to come <3 I will hopefully get a chance in the next couple days to post a tutorial on how I create an awesome St. Patty's day look; With a pop of the color of 2013, Emerald!!! 

Have a Lovely Night <3

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