Monday, August 12, 2013

Online shops worth the peek

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So I wanted to touch upon online shopping today! Don’t lie, you know that a majority of your time is spent hunting down outfits and accessories online, and probably a majority of the time, those little gems are way out of your price range :( Well... my job today is to point you in the direction of some awesome websites, that are not only fairly affordable, but have some really awesome pieces to check out as well! So without further a do, let’s get down to some shopping!

Hautelook- ( I’m sure many of you have heard of this shopping site on the rise. An affiliate company of Nordstrom’s, Hautelook is my go to site right now for unique staple fashion and accessory items. But I must say what I love most about this site is the AMAZING sales they have on high-end makeup in their beauty category. I’ve been able to get great deals on Urban Decay, TheBalm, BHCosmetics, and much more. I get giddy everyday waiting to see what new items are on sale for the day, and I have so much fun exploring the different labels to see what I would love to get my hands on. Hautelook can be pricey sometimes, but all of the sale items would be so much more if you went to the department store to purchase them, so you have to weigh the pros and cons. I will say that I have never made a purchase over $50 on Hautelook, and I have tons of items from there! You just have to be smart and decide what’s worth it. I will post some pictures below of my purchases from Hautelook :)

Cents of Style- ( This is seriously one of the cutest and most affordable accessory sites I have ever found online. Cents of Style is always good for running sales, especially on “Fashion Friday,” where they feature item(s) on a special sale for the day (by using a special promo code). I recently got my patriotic American flag scarf from this site, as well as the most adorable headband and earring set. This site is definitely a must see and is definitely worth getting emails from for the Fashion Friday sales alone! Below are examples of some adorable pieces I have purchased from this site in the past!

Shoe Dazzle or JustFab- (, Both these companies have the cutest shoes for any occasion, plus tons of accessories to guarantee show-stopping status. Both of these companies are also very good about constantly having sales and deals to satisfy the customer, including 2 pairs $39.99! I’ve purchased shoes from both companies, and my only complaint would be that the shoe sizes from Shoe Dazzle fluctuate a lot! I have a pair of size 7 heels that are a tad too big, but a pair of 6 ½ boots that are a little snug… So a little experimentation is required.  Fortunately they have a great return policy (accept on 2 for $39.99 deals)! I would say that sometimes I prefer JustFab over Shoe Dazzle just because they tend to have edgier shoes that I will make the investment in. The last thing to note, with JustFab, once you make your first order you are required to make an order every month unless you hit “skip this month” by the 5th, so shoppers be aware of that fact (it’s like a subscription system and the site will automatically charge your account the money, which will show up as a credit on your profile, which I find to be a little iffy but I’m pretty good about skipping the month so I don’t get charged)!  I will post some pictures of items I’m eyeing up and wanting to purchase sooner than later :)

6PM- ( site always has great deals on shoes, handbags, and much more. And on top of that, the products are all name brand/designer products! I’ve purchased a couple pairs of shoes from this site, and I’ve been tempted to get a couple handbags from here as well. This site is also great about running sales and featuring high demand products for the customers. I looked into this site briefly when looking for my wedding shoes, trying to see what kinds of deals I could find on a great pair of designer shoes (ultimately I decided to go with a beautiful pair I purchased from Dillard’s). The quantity and quality of these products is comparable with department stores, plus they have a decent return policy as well. I would definitely recommend this site to anyone before they go and spend un-godly sums of money on designer-wear in a department store. Here are some of my favorite designers on this site…


These are just a couple sites that I have personally used, and I am quite fond of. Where do you shop online at? I’m always looking for new stores with awesome deals, so please leave me comments below on where you think I should be spending my hard earned money at ha!

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