Tuesday, September 3, 2013

My First Fall Treat- The New OPI San Francisco Collection

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Hey Everyone!
While I was getting some much needed (and wanted) items at ULTA the other day, I stumbled across (aka vehemently searching for) the new OPI San Francisco Collection display, and was more than excited to check out these amazing, city-inspired colors! Might I add, I love how OPI, ULTA or whoever provides an individualized fake nail swatch of each color that I can hold up to my own to make the most educated and impulse buy of the trip lol.

I was very excited to try these colors out when I started seeing a lot of hype about them in the beauty world, and ULTA is my number one place to go for featured and seasonal nail polishes that come out. Checking out the different nail swatches next to my nails, I was really in love with a couple of the colors; to name a couple, "In the Cable Car-Pool Lane" (rich burgundy), and "Peace & Love & OPI" (holographic sage and eggplant, p.s weird description). I was in the moment of buying both of these gorgeous colors, when I happen to find this little mini's set with both of the coveted colors as well as an additional two colors, for less than the price of two full-sized bottles. My bargain sensors went off, and basically smacked me upside the head to buy this adorable little set of fab colors. Here are some pictures of the set together in the original box, and then all the colors lined up together for your viewing pleasure. Keep reading to check out each color swatched out on my nails, as well as my review of each San-Fran beauty.

* The first comment, and the triumphant reason that I favor OPI over many other nail polishes out there today is that I LOVE THE BRUSH ON THEIR APPLICATOR! It is just the right size that sweeping it across my nail is a breeze, and I don't have the repeat the process many times over with a smaller applicator brush. Essie... this is why I will never be able to love you...

Okay, aside from my little rant, this mini collection I have is great! Not only is it inspired by the San Francisco city style, but it is also such a ode to fall. Every color in this mini collection embodies fall colors to me, and there is no better time of year for myself than autumn. It's when I get to start wearing deep rich colors, and black becomes acceptable to wear pretty much everyday again. It's time for boots, jackets, adorable sweaters, and above all dark nail polishes!!! Check out my individualized reviews of each color below, and see if you want to go snag this beautiful little set for yourself at your local ULTA retailer or online :)  

"Muir Muir on the Wall" (plum)- This color is, according to the OPI website, "the fairest plum of them all." I didn't get a super "plum"vibe per say off of this color. It came off a maroon-brown color to me with maroon sparkles that you can see reflecting in the color. This color is one of two metallic-like shades in this mini collection, however I doesn't apply as thick or as nice as most metallic shades do. It took me about 3 coats on my nails to get it to be the pigmentation and thickness I wanted (I'm not one to do one layer and settle, go big or go home). To me, a coat or two tops is about all I have the patience for, but toughing it out past my boundaries was well worth it, because this is an absolutely gorgeous color (definite embodiment of fall)! My only complaint would again be the amount of coats I had to apply to get it to be a dark enough pigmentation on my nail. I am going to suggest now rather than later that I'm not sure if the formulas are slightly different per the smaller versions as opposed to the full size (just a speculation)? I suppose to get the color payout, I just have to suck it up and work with what I got.

"In the Cable Car-Pool Lane" (burgundy)- This color was the one the piqued my entire interest in the new collection, and was the first one that I applied after getting the set home. I would have to say this color is pretty close to its description, however I feel like there is a little more pink or should I say magenta in this formula that makes it a little more purple than burgundy on the nails (burgundy to me is a lot more red than purple). This color looked amazing on my nails as a finished product, but it sure took a heck of a long time to get it to that state. This shade takes me about four coats or more to get it to its desired pigmentation, thickness and color payout on my nails! It is quite a disappointing factor, but then again, I guess I will take the time for my favorite color out of the four. Another disappointment was that this color began to chip just after a day or two of wear forcing me to go over it again and seal with a top coat. It's unfortunate that one must come to not expect much less from a nail polish, but just once I would love a color to last me about a week without looking awful! This color still ranks up there as my favorite, even though it is the most high maintenance of them all lol.

"Peace & Love & OPI" (holographic sage and eggplant)- This color is the most metallic and easy going one of the collection. It was the second most interesting one out of the bunch, and was my second choice of full-size product I was going to buy before I found the set. It was such an profound and beautiful color, that I just couldn't help but have to have it. The color description is very spot on, definitely taking on the color of purple sage with its cool metallic purple blue, and of course adding in the eggplant purple for good measure. This color only requires about one thick coat, or maybe two tops. To me, this seems like the top choice as far as the maintenance and first application go. I was able to wear this color for a little less than a week before I started seeing wear and tear to it, and even then it was pretty minimal in that respect. It isn't exactly my most favorite color on, but that's because I am most attracted to the dark ox blood, berry colors that this brand is so well known for. But definitely is a good one, and adds a nice contrast to this collection.

And last but certainly not least...
"First Date at the Golden Gate" (ruby)- This color is the second easiest first application of the entire collection, which leaves it in very high regards in my book. It is a beautiful, I suppose ruby, but more of a reddish-brown/gold undertone color that again really lends to the autumn spirit. This color also only took one to two coats max to get the correct color payout/pigmentation that I was looking for. And in fact, and because I haven't worn this one for an extended period of time yet, I decided to leave this one on both of my hands after I swatched all of them out. My only complaint that I have had thus far with this color is that I noticed over a little amount of time after the first application, that the red seems to be absorbing into the nail, leaving it not as nice and pigmented after the initial couple minutes to an hour after applying. I am remedying it with applying another coat over it, but it seems like that is an unfortunate side effect of a lot of red nail colors. This color intrigued me the least amount of the mini collection, but has stolen my heart with the ease and low maintenance of application, as well as the beautiful and strikingly different red it leaves on my nails. 

Check out this quick promo video by OPI, showcasing the colors and giving you a little insight into their inspiration...

This blog post is my official kick off for the fall season, and I am super excited for these next couple months to come (wedding bells, and honeymoon trips are fast approaching)! How are you guys feeling about the coming season? Do you guys love fall time as much as I do? Please leave me comments about your favorite parts of fall, and also if you have had your eyes on this amazing collection of city chic nail colors as well!

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Have a Wonderful Day Lovelies,



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