Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Sample Upgrade!

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I promise I will be doing my follow up vlog post about my purchases from the Sephora VIB sale along with my very first giveaway! I am going to postpone it till after our honeymoon in NYC (1st week of December), because I want to make sure I am fully attentive towards all of the giveaway details so it doesn't slip between my fingers (please be patient with me everyone, time just slips away from me sometimes)! However, I thought I would follow up my beauty regrets post with a much more positive one! I have been trying out many different kinds of samples/travel size products lately, and I have narrowed down several that I would to purchase in all of its full sized glory. Here is my list of samples that need to be upgraded ASAP…

Benefit Watt’s Up! Illuminating Stick in “LuminousChampagne”- I got the sample size of this product in the Sephora Birthday Gift to VIB members this year, and I have worn this down to barely a nub! I absolutely love this product! It leaves such a beautiful luminous glow on the tops of my cheeks, and isn’t too obnoxiously shimmery or glittery. It blends so smooth in application (I blend with my fingers typically) and leaves a nice pearl like sheen. I recently purchase the Benefit “High Beam” liquid illuminator, and I find it a little too messy and a bit of a hassle to apply (especially with the clumsy brush it comes with). I much rather spend the $4 extra bucks next time and purchase the full size of Watt’s Up! Full-sized product is $30 (0.33 oz).


Makeup Forever Microfinish Powder- I got this finishing powder in a sample bag that I got at Sephora for a qualifying purchase, and WOW do I love this little wonder! In the past, I had never really used finishing powders. I mainly just used a mineral powder foundation over my tinted moisturizer of BB cream for the extra coverage and to even/smooth out my skin tone. However I would run into the dilemma of needing a setting powder if I applied a full coverage liquid foundation. This product and I were a love at first sight fairytale. It applies so light and airy on my skin, not feeling heavy or chalky in the least bit. It leaves a very nice matte finish to the skin, diminishing any shine from the foundation application. I am very sad to be down to the bare bottom of this pot, but I have since began using the “Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder,” and have really loved that as well! The Makeup Forever finishing powder is a little more budget friendly, but is a bit messier due to the powder being lose in a potted container rather than in a compact as a pressed powder. Regardless, I highly recommend this product, and I will be purchasing this in its full-sized counterpart very soon! This finishing powder retails for $34 (0.3 oz). 

Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion- This product has been AMAZING now that it is getting to be wintertime! I tend to get very dry skin come this time of year; like literally my skin feels like it eats moisturizer! I have noticed how great my skin feels after using this in the morning, not at all tight or dry feeling. I haven’t been getting any flaky skin around my eyes or nose, which is pretty common for me when the weather begins to take a turn. It applies very light, but deals a punch of moisture to my skin that rivals non other in my collection currently. This moisturizer is 100% fragrance free, so that’s some positive news for those of you with sensitive noses, and those who love fragrance free products. This moisturizer is also dermatologist and allergy tested. I am very satisfied with the “dramatically different lotion,” and will definitely become a staple full-sized product once I run out of my mini size! Full-sized product is $26 (4.2 oz).

Tarte Pure Maracuja Oil- This oil has been a life-changing product for me! I never really understood the hype surrounding it until I tried this out for myself. The maracuja oil has made a dramatic different to my complexion and the overall look of my skin. It looks so much healthier and supple after I apply this at night time (just 2-3 drops onto your hand, and then I rub them together to warm the product up before applying all over my face and neck. I was going through an awkward breakout spell right before I purchased this product (came in the Tarte Thoughtful Treasures Gift Pack, see review here), and I believe that this oil was my saving grace towards clearing up my breakouts, smoothing my skin, and just making my overall appearance look so much better than before. It doesn’t have a strong scent whatsoever, which I appreciate so I do not smell funky in my slumber ;) I am a true believer in this product now, and I will certainly be buying the full sized version despite its steep price tag, $46 for 1.7 oz. 

L’Occitane Cleansing and Softening Shower Oil with Almond Oil- THIS PRODUCT IS DIVINE! I will embarrassingly admit that I originally made a huge mistake and misread the bottle thinking it was hair oil and not body oil… Needless to say my hair felt terrible. But then upon a closer inspection I realized that this was body oil and begin to use accordingly lol. When the oil comes in contact with water, it turns into a lovely lathering foam rinse, which cleanses and softens the skin. I love the way this makes feels while I am applying it! It is so softening, and leaves it still feeling soft even after I towel off after I get out of the shower. The smell is very luxurious and not overpowering at all. I definitely am very generous with the amount of product while applying it onto myself (I just squirt onto my hand and rub in to my skin), thus you can tell by the bare end of the small bottle. I swap this out for my regular shower gel maybe once or twice a week (until I unfortunately ran out). This shower oil makes me feel like a queen, and I think it is definitely worth the bit of an investment since it isn’t used as frequently as my shower gel. This product retails for $24 at 8.4 oz.

Soap & Glory “The Righteous Butter” Body Butter(Original Formula)- I believe I have professed my Soap and Glory love affair with you guys before, but if I haven’t… I love this brand of bath and body products! One of my favorite products is this wonderful body butter “The Righteous Butter.” This formula is concentrated towards very dry skin, something I have a problem with beyond just my face. This body butter is so moisturizing on my skin, and leaves it feeling this way for many hours past application (nothing worse than a lotion that soaks into the skin and has no lasting benefits). And the smell… OMG! It’s amazing. If you tried these products, you know what I mean! There isn’t another line of bath and body products that smell quite like this brand, at least not that I have found yet! For being a body butter, it doesn’t feel very heavy on my skin. It also gives a slight cooling sensation when I apply it on my skin, which feels very nice after a nice long, HOT shower. This is my second tub of the smaller 1.7 oz version that is only $5, as opposed to the full-size version that is $20 for 10.1 oz… I just really need to come to terms that the full-size version is the best deal in the end and suck it up for the price tag.

Have you guys tried any samples that you are enticed to buy in the full-size product? Please leave me comments below letting me know what you recommend me sampling myself!

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