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Tarte Bow & Go 3-in-1 Holiday Gift Collection Review

Happy Christmas Eve Everyone!
So I recently just made my first QVC purchase ever (I’m sure I am a little behind the times here), and I am really excited to share with you guys what I purchased! I’m not sure how many of you hit up this deal, but I got my hands on the Tarte Bow and Go 3-in-1 Holiday Gift Collection. This collection comes with 4 “LipSurgence” Lip Crème’s, 2 SmolderEYES eye pencils, 2 Lights Camera Lashes mascara’s, and 1 Amazonian Clay eye shadow palette. I felt that I got all of these products at a steal of a price, $50 as opposed to hundreds of dollars that it would cost to get all of these individually. While this collection could make an amazing gift for a friend or loved one, I decided to treat myself instead, and hopefully I love these enough to purchase it as a gift in the future!

LipSurgence Lip Crème in “Precious,” “Promise,” “Thoughtful,” and “Wonder”- I was so excited to get my hands on some more Tarte lip products, since I love my LipSurgence skintuitive lip tint that reacts to your body’s natural PH and energy to give you your own personalized lip color! These lip crayons have just as satisfying results. They’re all incredibly pigmented, and they are beautiful colors that all borderline on the pretty neutral side (especially “Precious). There really isn’t any one color I am more excited about incorporating into my routine over the other! I really like the neutral, metallic sheen of “Thoughtful,” while “Promise” seems like a very pretty matte berry shade for the fall/winter months. They all have a hint of mint scent to them as well as that tingly feeling you get when you feel like a lip product is also medicating and healing your lips. I absolutely love all of these lip crayons, and I am excited to merge these into my growing collection of lip products! Check out the swatches and what each looks like on my lips below!
From Left to Right- Wonder, Thoughtful, Promise, Precious


Amazonian Clay smolderEYES Waterproof Eyeliners in “Brown” and “Fig”- Oh my are these GORGEOUS! These are definitely some of the most pigmented eyeliners I have ever seen; absolutely shocked me as I was swatching them! This collection comes with the shades brown and fig, which are absolutely perfect additions to neutral looks of fall/winter time. The pencil comes with the product and a sponge brush tip on the other end to smudge the liners if you so choose. I noticed with the sponge tip brush, that if you let the liner set for a minute or two, you couldn’t go back and smudge it out (definitely stays put)! The other fact to note is that these eyeliners are a little hard to get off. I had to scrub with a makeup-removing towel to get them complete off, so you can take that as a pro or a con of the product. The only thing I am concerned about is that the pencil tip is a little on the fatter side, so I am worried I won’t be able to get thin precise lines if that’s what I am going for. But with that being said, I have been in the market for some good neutral eyeliners for a while now, and I am very excited to try these out with many different neutral makeup looks this season!
Brown and Fig

Lights, Camera, LASHES 4-in-1 Mascara in “Black”- These mascaras are awesome! I tested it for this post to see how I liked it compared to some of my other coveted mascara’s right now, and this is definitely a contender for one of my top mascaras to use. This mascara only comes in a black shade, which doesn’t bother me because I only use black mascaras (sorry brown mascara lovers). The 4-in-1 appeal of this mascara is that it is supposed to lengthen, curl, volumize, and condition the lashes when you apply the product onto your lashes. While I was applying, I noticed that they did do a great job of lengthening, and curling the lashes (I did not use a lash curler). The volumizing I am a little disappointed with, but maybe with many coats or the use of another volume focused mascara will really make this mascara a knock out hit in my collection. I can tell by just having this mascara on briefly that I believe that this formula actually conditions the lashes. My lashes don’t feel heavy or irritated like I want to pull out all of my lashes for them to feel better. Overall I am extremely excited about this mascara, and this will definitely be taking place of other mascaras that need to make their way to the trash bin.


Amazonian Clay Eyeshadow Palette- This is the last part of the holiday collection, and I will admit, this palette was the whole reason for the entire purchase. I was so impressed by how beautiful the neutral colors looked online, and it had a couple colors that I really don’t have much of in other palettes (mainly the beautiful greens and some of the lighter cream colors). True to the rest of the Amazonian Clay line, these shadows are incredibly pigmented! There were a few I had to swatch a couple times to get it to be a more buildable color but overall the vast majority of this palette is very pigmented in application. It has a nice mix of shimmery and matte shades, and all of these colors work really well in tandem together. The feeling of the shadows is so buttery soft, and just feel like a great quality eyeshadow. Each pan is very generous in size, and I feel would last me a long while and take me forever to get to down to pan on them. The palette also comes complete with a sheet showcasing/instructing you on how to create two different eyeshadow looks based on these colors. I am very satisfied with how this palette swatched out on my hand/arm and I am hoping to be doing a makeup tutorial with all of these products very soon! 
Left to Right- Tickled Pink, Playful Plum, Radiant Rosewood, Sage Advice,
Beaming Bronze, Grateful Grey, Alluring Almond, Hot Cocoa
Left to Right- Ideal Ivory (very hard to see), Roasted Chestnut, Buttercream Frosting,
Pumped Up Purple, Marvelous Mocha, Truly Taupe, Peachy Keen, Blissful Brown

Have you guys come across any gift sets you are just gaga over this holiday season (QVC related or not)? What are some products you love on QVC that you can recommend to me? Please leave me comments below, and let’s get some conversations a flowing!

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