Monday, April 21, 2014

Sephora VIB Sale Spring 2014

Hey Everyone!
My guess is that you (hopefully) got a chance to shop the Sephora VIB sale at the beginning of the month! I was so excited to get so many gift cards and such for my birthday that I was able to use towards my purchases the opening morning of the sale and online. Big shout out to my family and friends who care so much about me, and know what I love for a birthday gift. If you want to see my purchases from the VIB sale, please watch the video below where I dish about my in-store and online purchases. Please leave me comments with links to your VIB hauls on your blog or instagram, because I love seeing everything that others like me covet in the world of beauty :D

Sunday, April 13, 2014

32 Things That Make Me Happy!

 Hey Everyone!
So I saw this post first on But First Coffee and then I read Two Thirds Hazel's list and I was very excited to do this post myself. Do you ever just have one of those off days where you aren't feeling cheery, perky or in any way shape or form happy? On days like this one, I think it is good to write posts like this one to remind me of how fortunate and wonderful life is. As my husband always says, life is too short to be mopey all of the time. So today and everyday, I need to remember reasons that make me happy :D

1. My family: I have a large family and a large heart for all of them. Family is everything to me and is a big part of who I am and how I was raised.

Photo credit Linczak Photography
2. My husband aka the love of my life. It's amazing to find someone that makes you smile everyday.

3. My fur baby Martini, Don't you just love this wittle face?!

4. My friends: Where is a girl without her PIC's (aka partner's in crime)?

5. Lazy weekends! This means unplugged and just chillaxing with the hubs on the couch, which leads into...

6. A TV show marathon... It feels so accomplishing to finish a series!

7. A great book. I am such a bookworm, and I find myself getting lost way more in books than I ever could in a movie or a tv show. Books bring a part of my imagination to life that is rivaled by none other. Most recently, I finished the second book of the Divergent series, and I am LOVING IT!

8. Along with a great book, an epic book romance makes me happy. It gives you this overwhelming sense of love conquers all feeling that would pull anyone's heartstrings (Tris and Tobias from Divergent... OTP)!

9. A hair color refresh. Who doesn't feel happy changing their look up?

10. A hair color refresh happiness is completed with a wardrobe refresh. Love a seasonal update to my growing closet.

11. Having a steady job. Many are much less fortunate than I am in this respect. I am very grateful to always be employed (especially when I have that itch to hit up Ulta or Sephora).

12. My creative mind. It is something I don't feel like I exercise enough, but I truly love my artwork!

13. My sense of humor and surrounding myself with those who can take it and dish it back to me when I need it.

14. Children in general make me happy. I love watching them use their imaginations and see them grow and develop their own personalities. Though for right now, I like being able to look but not have to take them home with me lol.

15. Traveling and taking frequent vacations. Everyone needs a little r&r sometimes, especially my husband and I. We try to take at least one vacation a year, and I fear if we didn't, we would go crazy!

16. The holiday season. Basically Halloween through Christmas (sometimes New Years).

17. Figuring out something or solving problems by myself. It feels so rewarding!

18. Being able to physically cross off a checklist. I need the visual satisfaction!

19. Beautiful artwork such as these!

20. New technology. Nothing more satisfying then getting a new phone, computer, etc when you need the upgrade.

21. Redecorating the house. It's not done very often, but I like redecorating our house and showcasing our personalities to our family and friends.

22. Social media and blog comments. I love interacting with my followers and fans of MyFairDaily through social media and blog comments.

23. Flowers! I just perk up seeing a vase of flowers in my house or office, and it's a bonus when a certain significant other gets them for me too ;-)

24. A compliment from a stranger. I am always taken a back by a compliment but it really does wonders in boosting my confidence throughout the day.

25. Making my family proud. Family is so important to me, and not much makes me happier than making them proud (and nothing devastates me more than disappointing them).

26. Chipotle, nuf said (borrowed that line from the hubs)!

27. A song I can't stop singing or get out oh my head. I don't find it annoying, I find it fun (or in my present case, this soundtrack)!

28. Accomplishing goals. My husband and I have a long list of goals we have for future projects as well as our marriage and it feels great to be able to check things off of our list. It may be small, but we made one of the first big purchases right after the wedding and invested in a nice leather sectional that totally transformed the living room!

29. Looking towards the future. I may have secret pinterest boards full of baby ideas tucked away, oh and you know redoing our house and traveling plans too lol...

30. Shopping trips. This is probably the most superficial one, but I can't lie, shopping trips are always something I look forward to and they make me happy in the end, like I completed a conquest!

31. Getting asked advice about beauty and makeup. It again is a huge confidence boost for me and makes me feel like I am accomplishing something with my blogging journey.

32. And finally, the ability to be happy and grateful for all that I have in my life. There are others much less fortunate than I am.

I have so many more things that make me happy, but I think this is a pretty hefty list for you guys to sort through right now. I encourage you to also do this exercise, blogger or not, to reflect on the things, people, places, etc that make you happy. It is always important to try and focus on the positives rather than let any negativity drag us down. If you guys want to do this blog post as well, make sure you grab this button below and link back to the originators of the post :D

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Also check out But First Coffee and Venus Trapped in Mars who also did this post :D

Thanks for checking out my MyFairDaily and I hope you guys have a wonderful night!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

What's In My Handbag!

Hey Everyone!
Long time coming for this post! It took me at least twice to re-edit the video that would not format correctly the first time (iMovie is so frustrating sometimes)! But I was super excited to show off my new handbag from Kate Spade. This is my first ever, I repeat, my first ever Kate Spade bag and I couldn't be more happier than with the choice I made. My husband was all gun hoe for getting one of these handbags that I have been lusting after for so long for my birthday, but I was extremely relieved that Kate Spade was having a huge online sale at the beginning of March. I jumped online, found this purse, and it was meant to be after that. I love all of the details from the bow, the front with the Kate Spade insignia, the chain handles, as well as the black and white polka dot lining on the inside of the bag (see video below for visual details). All in all, this handbag is just perfect for me, and it is a great simple black purse to have in my collection. I look forward to maybe getting a more colorful one as a spring/summer transition bag, but for now and I will just treasure the one I have :D

Check out my video below displaying all of the necessities in my handbag as well as the many products I will not go without from handbag to handbag! Be sure to enter to win my giveaway for a $25 e-gift card to Sephora in celebration of my birthday (Disclaimer, my birthday was actually on March 26th... Yes I know it is April now, did I mention it took me at least twice to re-edit all of the video?)!

Saturday, March 22, 2014

My Shoe Obsession

Hey Everyone!
I have vehemently been adding to my over growing shoe collection, even to the point of purchasing a new 50 pair show rack to help house them all! I haven’t done a fashion related post in a while, mainly because it hasn’t been something really interesting to me lately. You ever get the “I don’t care if I look frumpy and unpolished in the winter, because warmth is more of a priority?” That’s me in a nutshell come wintertime, but now that spring has sprung I get a whole new urge to revitalize my wardrobe with life and color and of course adorable shoes/heels that I want to show off to the red carpet of the world (or at least at my office). 

I wanted to share my little photo shoot with everyone and show you some highlights from my collection! If you guys are shoe obsessed like myself, please leave me comments below telling me about the highlights of your collection!