Friday, January 23, 2015

The Beauty Sleep Challenge

Hey Everyone,
This has been an odd week for MyFairDaily, as in not too many beauty posts up on the blog this week, but I do have new video up that features my 2014 Makeup Favorites! Make sure you check that out and subscribe for new videos every Thursday!

I was contacted by, which is a a new sleep startup company... You may be asking what this remotely has to do with me?! They posed a beauty sleep challenge, in honor of Festival of Sleep, were bloggers got to show off their favorite nighttime wear to see how stylish we are once we hit the sheets. I love impromptu posts like this that challenge me to not only use creative content but also make pajamas look stylish. I also can't turn down anything that is related to my favorite time every evening... ZZZ... :D

Take a peak at some of my FAVORITE sleep wear below, and let me know down in the comments if you are a pajama pants and tee-shirt/tank kind of girl, or if you go for nightgowns, and sexy teddies!

Photo shoot was a bit challenging by myself, but I managed to pull through! Check out the rest of my awesome shots!

Don't mind the super messy bedhead!

These are my favorite sleep tops in the entire world! They're from Victoria Secret and I got them as a gift a couple of years ago, and they're still going strong. Incredibly comfy, lightweight, and totally stylish!

These 3 pairs of pajama pants are my favorite for different reasons! The first two above I got from Old Navy a couple of years ago when they were having an AHMAZING sale! I had to have my skull ones because duh! And I really loved the colors and the pattern of the white, pink, teal, and black plaid designed pants! And then my ever so comfy, extremely warm, purple skull pajamies! These I reserve for only REALLY COLD winter nights, and even then these sometimes are a bit too warm for my preference.

And where would a girl be without her slippies! All of these are unique and are worn on a very much needed basis this time of year! My favorite ones would have be my bunny slippers, because they're just so darn adorable!

And of course I have to have my favorite bed time buddy... ^..^

And to throw a little beauty your way, these are all of the products that I use every night! If you would like to see me film my nightly routine, please leave me a comment down below!

This was such a fun post, and a fun photoshoot! Thanks to for the opportunity, and sweet dreams to one and all <3

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Stayin' by Layerin'- A Modcloth Colaboration!

Stayin' by Layerin'

Hey Everyone!
So ModCloth contacted me about a week ago posing a challenge to create a warm, but stylish look, from layering signature pieces from their line. I was very excited to be given this opportunity to show off some of my layering skills, and to also create a look that I would honestly see myself wearing to work or out on the town!

1. I choose to go with this simple gray and white cardigan as the starting point for this layered look. All this winter I have gravitated towards layering open front cardigans over a shirt underneath, such as a busy flannel print. Not only does it keep my quite warmer when layered over another top, but it helps break up the busyness of the shirt underneath, making it more appropriate for casual and business wear.  If you would to check out ModCloth's cardigan line click here!

2. I really hit the flannel trend in full force this year, and made a nice investment into growing this staple in my closet. I chose this neutral marsala, navy, and white checked shirt because I really could rock this top with a simple pair of black leggings like above, or dark wash skinny jeans if I wanted. I also appreciate how the busyness of the pattern, but yet with neutral jewel tone colors, does not compete with the cardigan layered over or any other the other items in this look.

3. Black leggings are a must for me all year long, but especially in the wintertime when I want to be comfortable, cozy and warm all in one (wanna be super warm, get fleeced lined ones). I love black leggings because again they're so versatile to use with so many different looks, from bright and colorful down to neutral and safe.

4. The fun coat has a pop of all of the colors I have incorporated into this look and honestly is one of those pieces that at first glance might not look stylish, but I think brings this whole look together quite nicely! Not only does it keep you nice and toasty being a winter coat, but it also adds a fun youthful look to an otherwise casual to business casual style.

5. I decided to pair this look with the bright orange-brown boots and backpack to warm up this otherwise cool toned outfit. Again I really love how this adds a nice bright pop to the outfit without being too flashy or obnoxious. I also like the backpack for anyone who would wear this outfit to school or university, but a backpack can always be switched for a similar color handbag or cross body bag style that is so popular right now.

6. Layering necklaces has been one of my favorite trends this winter, especially when paired with a chunky winter scarf such as above! Layering simple but different length pieces elongates your body while also allowing you to still accessorize whilst remaining comfy in your nice knit scarf! I finished off the jewelry portion of the accessorizing with a simple pair of gold baby elephant studs that are cute but simple as well as a black leather and gold plated watch which is incredibly popular right now and incredibly chic for any look your trying to create.

7. To pull more black into the look, I paired the outfit with the black chunky knit scarf this is absolutely appropriate for the wintertime! The fringe gives it a nice detail that can be worn various ways to add a little flair.

8. And last but not least, for the makeup I wanted to concentrate on making the eyes pop with a warm neutral eye look that is incredibly simple to pull off using the Urban Decay Naked palette. For the cheeks I choose MAC "Gingerly" as a nice warm tone, you just stepped in from the cold kind of flush, to your cheeks which is incredibly beautiful for the winter season. And lastly, I love me a good burgundy lip for the wintertime! The NARS Audacious lipstick in "Charlotte" is a stunning shade that is bold and yet flattering to top of this entire look!

Thank you so much for checking out this post today, and also to ModCloth for giving me the opportunity to showcase an outfit that I think is not only cozy and warm, but something I can imagine myself wearing during this time of year! If you guys would like to see more fashion related posts like this, please leave me a comment below and I will make sure to pop in a couple of these types of posts throughout the year. Stay warm and stylish this winter season!

Monday, January 19, 2015

#LMAO Monday!

Hey Everyone!
So my weekend mainly consisted of working, taking down Christmas decorations, sad :'-( , and family time, leaving me not much time to blog or get a beauty post together for you guys this fine Monday. However, I was in such a goofy mood today that I wanted to share some of my #LMAO moments from today! Check out some of my favorites below and let me know what made you laugh this week!

LMAO #1:
Yes I do LOVE CHIPOTLE!!! Micky Dee's is a NO NO!

PewDiePie slays me! Try not to laugh at his videos! TRY!!!!

Because everyone is allowed to shake it off!

Friday, January 16, 2015

Smashbox Master Class 3 Palette Review

Hey Everyone,
So there's been an eyeshadow palette that I've been totally obsessed with lately, and I mean obsessed!!! Like this is the only palette I've been really using kind of obsessed!

What might this magical palette be you ask?

It is the SMASHBOX Master Class 3 palette that is available exclusively to Sephora and! With 32 beautiful, buttery soft, highly pigmented eye shadows, 1 contour, 1 bronzer, 1 highlighter and 3 blush shades, you cannot go wrong with this palette!

The Master Class 3 caters to any neutral and/or color lovers out there. I think this palette would make an excellent addition to any makeup artist's kit, but can also be a staple all in one palette for the general makeup enthusiast like myself!

Top Row: Naked, Nectar, Flirt, Vanilla, Drizzle, Ambient, Pebble, Golden Orchid
Bottom Row: Topaz, Sienna, Cinder, Nude, Royal, Blackout, Smoke, Sumatra

Top Row: Oyster, Zoom, Ivy, Serpent, Sky, Steel, Cerulean, Nocturnal.
Bottom Row: Lavender, Lilac, Violet, Blacktop, Snow Rose Petal, Papaya, Peony

Contour, Bronzer, & Highlighter  Carnation, Flush, & Rosy

Besides the gawking $65 price tag ($300 in value of product), I really have absolutely no complaints about this product! If you want to get your hands on this though, make sure you do so quickly as it is a limited edition palette!

Check out my video below to see my full review of the palette. Please also become a subscriber to my YouTube channel for new videos every Thursday! Love you guys <3