Friday, October 31, 2014

Friday Fares: The Blog Reader Tag

Hey Everyone!
So I saw this post while browsing through my daily BlogLovin feed the other day from the blogger "Makeup Saavy," and I thought it would be a great idea to do this tag myself :D

This tag is exclusively for my blog readers to answer down in the comments of this post, plus I encourage other bloggers to use these questions on their blog as well! You can also grab the image from the top of this post, but make sure you link back to either myself or Makeup Saavy (or heck why not both of us). Thank you so much in advance for taking the time to answer these questions, and I can't wait to hear your feedback for MyFairDaily!

1.What are your favovrite type of blog posts to read on my blog?
2. What epitomizes a good beauty blog to you?
3. How often do you read blogs in general and at what time of day? 
4. How do you keep up with new posts from the blogs you love (BlogLovin', email updates, GFC, tweets from the blogger)?
5. What is your blogger pet peeve? 
6. What would you love to see more of on my blog? 
7. Name a few of your favorite blogs

Thank you so much again for answering these questions, because as all bloggers know, every little bit helps when it comes to improving your expereince <3

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Product Watch Wednesday: Essential Fall Candles

Hey Everyone!
So I am switching up Product Watch Wednesday this week and featuring something essential (well at least for myself) once the weather starts changing and the days begin to get colder. Yes I mean CANDLES!!!! I am obsessed with Bath and Body Works candles and personally I feel that I get more bang for my buck in purchasing these candles vs Yankee Candle or other similar brands (plus I think they burn so much better). I try to hit up B&BW quite often when they have their 2 for $22 candle sales going on to stock up on my favorites for each season. I really loved a couple of the new ones (or at least I think they are) that came out for this year, such as "tailgate" and "sweater weather", but I also always gravitate back towards the classics, aka "leaves" and "mahogany teakwood," that always get me in the mood for the fall season.

As I mentioned above, Leaves is a classic pick up of mine for the fall. There is nothing that smells quite like this wonderful aroma and it really just makes me think of a beautiful, and crisp fall afternoon or evening. This candle features notes of golden nectar, ripe delicious apple and red berries. This candle takes me back to my childhood and jumping in a pile of freshly raked leaves; do you guys remember that smell?! So refreshing and aromatic!

Another classic of mine for the fall/winter months! I am a marshmallow junkie! I love marshmallow fluff in my sundaes, I love roasting marshmallow's over a fire, and I LOVE THIS CANDLE! It has a very warm, almost buttery scent to it that is absolutely mouth watering. I feel that it burns quite well too and gives off a nice aromatic scent throughout my room. I particularly love burning this in my bathroom during essential bubble bath time during the winter. And the best part... I can pick this up during the fall and winter when they come out with both collections. "Toasted marshmallows and sumptuous vanilla cream blend with the comforting aroma of rich smoldering woods."

B&BW don't you dare EVER get rid of this scent!!! OMG one of my favorite scents of all time! Mahogany Teakwood smells like the embodiment of a male sex god in candle form. Okay that is pretty epic for a candle, but seriously I can't get enough! I am the per typical women who is entranced by cologne once sprayed, like seriously crazy Axe commercial brad right here! This is what this candle reminds me of and I literally have burned at least 2-3 of the past two fall/winter seasons. This scent is like walking past an Abercrombie and Fitch store and smelling their perfume/cologne that they spray on everything, but much more muted and manageable version aka doesn't put the choke hold on your nose in the process. While I don't think this scent is for everyone, it is one that I cannot live without come this time of year. Scents are described as follows, fine woods, mahogany, cedar wood and oak, with highlights of delicate lavender and geranium.

We are a football kind of family in my house, so I could not resist picking up this newcomer from this fall collection, plus not to mention the smell... AHMAZING! I am actually burning this candle right now as we speak, or rather chat over my blog, and I love the way it smells and brings life to my living room (aka my temporary office). While I feel this candle is a little bit sweeter and berry than say masculine and cologne like, it does still give me the fall vibe while it burns. I certainly hope they bring this scent back again next fall, and ladies... I think it is safe to tuck this into your man's "man cave" without much objection. This candle contains a blend of dark cedarwood, sage and a touch of soft musk (and I pick up notes of cranberry but maybe I'm crazy).

I am a sucker for the muskier, woodsier scents for fall and winter, and this candle is no exception to that rule. If you are one that thinks Mahogany Teakwood is a bit too strong, I would try this one instead. Same kind of masculine and rich undertones without being BAM in your face like Mahogany Teakwood. The feeling I get from smelling this beauty if a fresh fall morning where the dew (or frost) is still on the ground and the air has that cool crisp feeling and wonderful smell. It smells like taking a nice walk through the woods on a fall morning of afternoon, but again not overpowering like some of the muskier and deeper scents can be. I guess I am a sucker for the woodsier side of the candle spectrum during the fall and winter months. This candle contains an aromatic woodsy blend, highlighted by bright bergamot, fresh lavender, and deep green cypress.

I couldn't resist these cute little minis that we're 3 for $10! I was truly torn on getting a full size "flannel" candle when they had them in stock because I really love the cozy, over-sized sweater feeling I get from smelling this candle. Even my cat loved this scent when I gave her test sniff (okay maybe she really could care less lol ^..^)! It really makes me want to wrap myself up in a cozy scarf or sweater every time I open the lid to take a whiff. This candle contains a warm blend of bergamot, mahogany (can we sense a trend here?), and a delicate veil of musk.

Sweater Weather is by and far probably my favorite new scent of the year and I am so sad to have burned through my full size one and no others were in stock when I was in there last :-( (However I did notice they're still available online in the 3 wick form). Again this candle just screams FALL to me, but I also like how I get a hint of mintyness to it when I take a whiff; a hint that I think sets this candle apart in a league of its own. "Cuddle up with a blend of eucalyptus, juniper berry, and fresh sage that celebrates the arrival of crisp autumn breezes."

And what would a fall candle haul be without picking up some kind of an apple scented candle? Warm caramel cider is perfect for any fall household, and apple lover like myself. B&BW really can do no wrong when it comes to their apple scents, but I find myself really loving this one in particular this year. So much in fact that I accidentally got this mini one and forgot that I have a larger one burning right now in my kitchen. While I think that the larger one could give me a little more oomph as far as the aroma it gives off, I think it blends nicely with the other scents I have going on right now in my house. And again I love how they blend the fresh citrus apple scent with the warm goodness of the caramel. This drink, made candle, is brought to life in a blend of warm sweet caramel, freshly pressed apples, and a hint of vanilla.

So, did I convince you to run to your nearest Bath and Body Works yet? I certainly hope so because a majority of these scents don't stick around for the winter season, and once they're gone they're gone! I really hope they continue some of my favorite scents from this year into next, and I can't wait to head out again for the winter stash that has already started hitting the shelves for the holidays.

What are some of your favorite B&BW candles from this fall collection? Have you already started stocking up on winter candle essentials? Stay tuned for my winter edition to come soon!

Facebook Kind of Giveaway!

Hey Everyone! 
With change comes adaptation and bloggers know all about adapting to policy changes. Sometimes change springs forth ideas and this is exactly what happened with this giveaway! For those who do not know, Facebook likes will soon not be allowed as entry options in giveaways. This is exactly where the idea came for this giveaway! 

In this giveaway you will have the opportunity to win tons and tons of ad space, as well as a few gift cards to some amazing shop! All you have to do is Like Facebook our pages! Super simple right? Make sure you enter before it is too late! 
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Good Luck!

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Let's Be Friends Blog hop!

Welcome to the Let's Be Friends Blog Hop!

A blog hop is a set time frame for current or aspiring bloggers to find new blogs and quality content. It is a great way to make new friends and find inspiration! It is also a fabulous way to promote your own blog and posts.

Dear Friends,

What a day to celebrate! This is the 89th week of the Let's Be Friends blog hop! Thanks for joining us on this special day. Chelsee and Tiffany are extremely delighted to see the way this hop has grown and love to see your faces each week! 

Join us every Tuesday at 7am (MST). This blog hop focuses on content. LINK UP YOUR FAVORITE POST from last week in this fun content-sharing blog hop! I love the idea of blog hopping, but I love the idea of reading posts and quality content on new blogs I've never been to even more. Instead of simply linking up your blog button, you are now able to link up your favorite post you recently wrote. Have a delicious recipe to share, DIY tutorial, or heartfelt post? Share it with us! All hosts and co-hosts put up some unique and fun content from the past week. Make sure to check them out. P.S.- you may still link up your blog button and blog name, but it is encouraged to link up your favorite post instead. You will get more page views and interest if you do so! Some of the most successful blog hops I have participate in focus on content rather than just exchanging follows. You never know who will become a loyal follower or pin that delicious new recipe you posted!

The BEST part of this blog hop? Each week there will be a WINNER! That's right, each week we will choose one lucky blog to feature from the previous week's hop. This hop receives thousands of page views every week, so your blog will have the chance to be center stage for free. You must follow all the hosts and co-hosts in order to win. Only those who link up a specific post are eligible to be featured! *You must follow all the hosts and co-hosts in order to win.

The last exciting change is that the co-host spots will now be available to all sponsors of  The Dwelling Tree or Southern Beauty Guide. If you are interested in co-hosting the blog hop, email Tiffany or Chelsee about sponsorship opportunities and how to co-host the weekly hop!

There are a couple of great giveaways going on right now at Southern Beauty Guide and The Dwelling Tree. Go check them out! :)

Let's Be Friend's Blog Hop Guidelines
1. Link up your favorite post from your week.
2. Follow your hosts and co-hosts.
3. Grab the button and post it on your blog so we can share the love.
4. Visit 3 other blogs and follow them along!
5. Tweet about this blog hop, using #letsbefriends
6. Pin the button on pinterest so we can spread the news! 

***Once a week, one blog will be chosen to be the featured blogger from the previous blog hop. 

Meet your hosts: 

The Dwelling Tree: Blog, Bloglovin'

Southern Beauty Guide: Blog, Bloglovin'

& Co-Hosts
Rebekah @ Butcher's Niche
Kaelyn @ My Fair Daily

***This weeks featured post from last week's hop:

Hi friends! It's Chelsee today. Thank you all once again for continually linking up at our blog hop. It is such a fun time and I am so impressed each week with all the amazing posts. Please continue to link up an actual post instead of your blog. We want to keep reading your content and it makes it more fun to pick a winner! 

... onto the winner! 
With Halloween coming up in a few days I am trying to squeeze in a few extra ways to get festive this holiday. I personally love decorating cookies and thought some of you may want to do this with your kids. These cookies are super cute, and I mean who doesn't love monsters?!  

Chrissy's blog, The Taylor House, is a great blog full of information, such as recipes, gift guides and much more! Also she has the most BEAUTIFUL pictures and best posts. Go check The Taylor House out and go follow Chrissy

Keep posting awesome content! You make it so fun for us to read all your posts! If you can, please link up a specific post. It makes it easier for us to come and visit! 

*Remember YOU can be next weeks winner! :)